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Jeg underviser efter Cathrine Sadolins teknikker ud fra den overbevisning at teknikkerne og principperne er utrolig givtige, og da jeg igennem egen stemmemæssig uddannelse har erfaret, at denne teknik giver hurtige, gode og sunde resultater uanset hvilken stilart man bevæger sig i.

Hvad kan du få hjælp til:

Det er alt sammen noget vi kan gøre noget ved. Vi arbejder med løsning af stemmeproblemer, reparation af slidte stemmer, støtteteknik, intonation, effekter, klang, dynamik m.m.

Har mange års erfaring i soloundervisning af både amatører og professionelle sangere

Laver løbende sangworkshops og masterclasses i Komplet Sangteknik med diverse kor, musikhold på gymnasier, acappellagrupper, på højskoler m.m. Disse workshops kan indeholde teori og teknik gennemgang af Komplet Sangteknik, teknikker til udtryk (performance), rytmetræning, klanginspiration o.m.m
Workshops/masterclasses kan sammensættes efter eget ønske.


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Om Lone:

When should you get vocal training

Life is greater because of our passions and the skills we have to share with the rest of the world. In your life, you often have the occasion of meeting new people. Discovering more about their life and what they do in their professional life can be perceived as inspiration. However, what a person does for a living does not reflect all that he/she is passionate about doing in life. For example, of you have recently been out with a magnificent escort Paris, you have discovered this already.

Most gorgeous escorts have a wide range of interest and passions. Music is one of them and therefore they recommend vocal training for those who wish to perform well. Building a career in this domain is challenging. However, once you have reached the level of expertise you need, performing will become a pleasant activity to engage in every day.

Circumstances in which voice study is recommended

The most common case in which vocal training is recommended is when parents notice that their children might be talented from this perspective. Hearing them sing around the house all day long can be a clear signal. Also, seeing that they show interest in the lifestyle of those artists who have a great voice can also be a strong proof. In such cases, it is recommended for them to ask for support from specialists. They can assess the potential of their child and offer vocal training lessons for further improvement.

Any attractive escort Paris from http://www.6annonce.com/ who is into music as well acknowledges the important of constant training for artists who wish to build a strong career. For those having the purpose of constantly evolve and grow their talent, vocal training is a must. Therefore, not only children with a supposed potential but also adults need this type of exercise for obtaining good results.

Moreover, in any given stage of performance, improvement is required. This is a golden rule followed by celebrities and appealing escorts who want to excel in everything they do. Therefore, if you are just starting you career as singer voice training is a step that is required to be taken. This way, you will know your status in terms of performance. Moreover, you will discover more about your potential. Finally, you will work your way up to the highest ranks in the field of entertainment through proper training.

Constant vocal preparation for continuous results

Being a genius is a great asset. However, most of us do not have the luck of being geniuses so constant development is always required. The same rule applies in the case of people who use their vocals during their daily activities. Performing well in front of an audience is a must for those who wish to succeed. Any beautiful escort girl Paris you meet on 6annonce will tell you that practice is the key to success.

Even the greatest singers out there have a constant schedule for voice training. Your vocal cords need to be well maintained. Moreover, constant practice helps them improve their singing every day. Moreover, when they wish to adopt different styles, they also attend such teaching lessons. This allows them to discover new ways of singing or using their vocal cords. Charming escorts know this and consider it part of the job of those who perform in front of eager audiences every day.

Finally, voice training is also recommended for those who wish to correct something in the way in which they sing. Interesting escorts you have met might have encountered such celebrities already. They might have been introduced to their little inside secrets in terms of exercising. This way, you can also discover them from a single discussion with the right person.